A Brief Summary of Current Characters

This really isn’t anything other than a very brief list of the characters for my ongoing projects. And honestly it’s missing a lot of my untitled works, my reverse harem stuff especially.

I’ll probably add to this any time I can. When I remember more of my characters or create new ones.


The Begas








The Apollyons



Hecate Crane (Honorary Apollyon)

The Garions



Monster Love Novella Series:


Holly Juniper



Holly Juniper


Natalie Yates

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Marjorie Diaz Series

Marjorie Diaz

Lucian Maravalle

Emmanuel Maravalle

Patrick Watkins

Cessily Whelan

Adorara Chibuzo

Eliza Diaz


Rhine Tseng

Teresa Rhodes

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Margot Park

Cassia Park

Sung-Jin Park

Darcy Fable

Osha Bakshi


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Celine Vargas

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Introducing: Tina Bega (Wixen)

Only 5 more days until the release of Wixen: Prophecies! Meet, Tina Bega, the third eldest Bega sister who is also the most level-headed Bega sister who cooks, bakes, and always looks pissed off. You can read Wixen here.

Introducing: Monica Bega (Wixen)

Only 5 more days until the release of Wixen: Prophecies! Meet, Monica Bega, the second eldest Bega sister who lifts weights, punches people in the face, and teaches sign language to children. You can read Wixen here.

Character bios: Violet on Hard mode

Does your character have siblings or family members in their age group? Which one are they closest with?

Yeah. She only has the one sister. Persephone. 

What is/was your character’s relationship with their mother like?

She doesn’t remember her. 

What is/was your character’s relationship with their father like?

She doesn’t remember him. 

Has your character ever witnessed something that fundamentally changed them? If so, does anyone else know?

Not that she knows of. (bwahahaha)

On an average day, what can be found in your character’s pockets?

Her phone. She carries a bag for everything else. 

Does your character have recurring themes in their dreams?

Hahaha. Sure, if you call hallucinating on “love potions” dreams. 

Does your character have recurring themes in their nightmares?


Has your character ever fired a gun? If so, what was their first target?


Is your character’s current socioeconomic status different than it was when they were growing up?

She was comfortable as a kid and she’s comfortable now.

Does your character feel more comfortable with more clothing, or with less clothing?

Violet wears a normal amount of clothing. She isn’t super into swimming so she probably never wears bikinis, However she’s thinking about it. She does wear a lot of weird revealing clothing to push boundaries with Jasmine, though. 

In what situation was your character the most afraid they’ve ever been?


In what situation was your character the most calm they’ve ever been?

Probably finally realizing what she wanted for her life.

Is your character bothered by the sight of blood? If so, in what way?

Lol, NO. Wixen/Casters regularly use blood casting in day to day life. She literally draws runes on her arms in her own blood. 

Does your character remember names or faces easier?

Violet doesn’t care to remember people who aren’t interesting. 

Is your character preoccupied with money or material possession? Why or why not?

Um?? No??

Which does your character idealize most: happiness or success?


What was your character’s favorite toy as a child?

She has a hard time remembering playing much as a kid. Her parents died in a fire when she was very young and a lot of those memories of them are missing now. When she was in boarding school she mostly read hand me down books and by the time she was 9, they were looking at her for advanced medical casting. When she was 12 she joined the junior medical corps and began learning a set of specialized runes and techniques for surgery. 

She didn’t have much of a childhood. 

Is your character more likely to admire wisdom, or ambition in others?

Kindness. Above all, she admires kindness. 

What is your character’s biggest relationship flaw? Has this flaw destroyed relationships for them before?

Most Casters have issues in relationships. Violet is no exception. She doesn’t know how to act around someone she likes. That translates differently for different people, Violet tends to get violent and freak out a lot

In what ways does your character compare themselves to others? Do they do this for the sake of self-validation, or self-criticism?

Hm. That’s a good question. Violet tends to compare her fashion sense to others and can get jealous when someone dresses more glam goth than her. Though, that’s how she met her best friend Tiffany. 

If something tragic or negative happens to your character, do they believe they may have caused or deserved it, or are they quick to blame others?

She mostly pretends it didn’t happen, but she does beat herself up a lot about Idaho. 

What does your character like in other people?

k i n d n e s s and u n d e r s t a n d i n g.

What does your character dislike in other people?


How quick is your character to trust someone else?


How quick is your character to suspect someone else? Does this change if they are close with that person?


How does your character behave around children?

She doesn’t have an opinion on children. (Yet).

How does your character normally deal with confrontation?


How quick or slow is your character to resort to physical violence in a confrontation?

Uhhh. A normal amount?

What did your character dream of being or doing as a child? Did that dream come true?

She’s always been a smart little brat. She wanted to do something to help people. She understood from a young age what being magically inclined meant. And no, her dream hasn’t come true.  

What does your character find repulsive or disgusting?

Delivery services. 

Describe a scenario in which your character feels most comfortable.

Uh. Writing in her potions journal. 

Describe a scenario in which your character feels most uncomfortable.

Hm. Probably when people think sawing bones makes a “crunching” sound and not a “popping” one. She’s very disgusted by people’s lack of medical knowledge. As a medical professional herself. 

In the face of criticism, is your character defensive, self-deprecating, or willing to improve? 

Willing to improve most definitely. 

How does your character behave around people they like?


How does your character behave around people they dislike?

By not killing them and merely ignoring them because murdering everyone she dislikes is a GOOD WAY TO GET ARRESTED. 

Is your character more concerned with defending their honor, or protecting their status?

Uh. Neither. 

Is your character more likely to remove a problem/threat, or remove themselves from a problem/threat?

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Both. 

Has your character ever been bitten by an animal? How were they affected (or unaffected)?

Uh. I don’t think she’s been in a situation where this could have happened. She has, however, been bitten by several humanoids and magical creatures seeking medical treatment. 

How does your character treat people in service jobs?

like regular people.

Does your character feel that they deserve to have what they want, whether it be material or abstract, or do they feel they must earn it first?


Has your character ever had a parental figure who was not related to them?

Definitely. Hecate 4 ever.

Has your character ever had a dependent figure who was not related to them?

Yes. Her best friend Tiffany.

How easy or difficult is it for your character to say “I love you?” Can they say it without meaning it?


What does your character believe will happen to them after they die? Does this belief scare them?

She believes what every Wixen believes, that their bodies become energy and return to the leylines. 

Character bios: Caspian

This form is to be completed by all patients prior to medical treatment. Treatment will only be disbursed upon completion of this form in its entirety. Dr. Alastor H. Blake holds the right to refuse service to anyone.

Patient’s Full Name: Caspian Garion.

Date of Birth: May 17.

Location of Birth: Illice, Connecticut 

Race: French/Portugese/Black

To your knowledge, do you have any outsiders, fey, giants, or other non-humanoid creatures in your bloodline?: Yes.

Sex: Female

Gender: Male

Deity/Deities (Please include former deities): Uh? N/A?

Are you or could you be pregnant?: No

Do you smoke?: No

Do you consume alcohol?: Yes 

Do you have any Allergies?: Yes

If yes, please list them here: Aspirin.

Do you have any dietary restrictions?:  No.

If yes, what are they? N/A

To your knowledge have you ever accepted food from a fey?: I’m not an idiot. 

Have you ever formed a pact with a hag, demon, fey. elder god, spirit, or other entity?: Some of my best friends are hags, but no. 

If yes, what was the nature of the arrangement? Don’t make deals with hags, demons, fey, or elder gods. Spirits don’t really make deals I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from. They mostly just prank people. 

Are you currently or have you ever been cursed? If yes, please elaborate: Once another caster sent me a letter bomb in the mail and it exploded directly in my face, scarring my eye. Which is why I’m here. Filling out this stupid form. But no, curses have been illegal since the prophecy libraries were created. 

Was the curse removed?N/A

Have you ever been kissed by a vargouille, or contracted lycanthropy, mummy rot, blood bane, or any other magical diseases?: Can’t say I have

To your knowledge are you currently suffering from any diseases, magical or mundane?: No

If yes, please elaborate: N/A

Have you ever blacked out for an extended period of time?: No

If yes, what were the circumstances of this blackout? N/A

Have you ever been polymorphed into another organism or material?: Dude no. I knew I should have gone to the medical corps and not some casteless hospital. 

If yes, please elaborate: N/A

Have you ever been possessed by a ghost, demon, hive mind, or other entity?: No.

Have you ever had an organ, limb, or other body part regenerated?:  Not regenerated, per se. That’s sort of impossible, but yeah

Have you ever died and been resurrected, reincarnated, or otherwise returned to life?: No. Not yet

Are you or have you ever been undead?: No

If yes, what manner of undead were/are you? N/A

Have you ever been the subject of  a scientific experiment, religious ritual, or other procedure?: No

If yes, please elaborate: N/A

To your knowledge, have you ever been poisoned?: No

If yes, what was the agent with which you were poisoned? N/A

Do you have any unusual distinguishing visual features, including but not limited to birthmarks, albinism/melanism, or uncommon eye/hair color?: Yes,

Are you currently suffering from any ongoing medical or supernatural conditions not covered by the above questions?  Yes

If yes, please elaborate: Dude, I’m trans. 

Are you presently taking any medications?: Wtf does this mean. You mean POTIONS? Yes. We all take potions.      

If so, please list any medications you are taking: Sleep, anti-depressant, other things to help transitioning easier, etc. etc. Can you treat my eye now?

Please list any injuries you have sustained in the past six months: MY EYE IS LIKELY GONE BECAUSE OF A LETTER BOMB.

Please list any spells, charms or blessings you have been subject to in the past six months: Several.

Do you certify that the information claimed above is correct, to the best of your knowledge? If so, please sign and date here: CASPIAN GARION. 12/3/2017. 

Character bios: Jasmine

A. Psychology

What of the Meyers-Briggs personality types they most fit into? INFP, ENFT, et cetera…

This isn’t something Jasmine cares about or knows.

What alignment are they? Chaotic neutral, lawful evil, et cetera…

Jasmine is probably Lawful Good up until a certain point where she either becomes True Neutral or Chaotic good.

Do they have any emotional or psychological conditions? Are they aware of it?

All Wixen are aware of the cost of casting and use of magic. It’s just a thing their species has to deal with. She suffers from mild anxiety in social interactions as well just in addition to the whole. Magic slowly melting your brain thing.

Do they try to treat it?

The symptoms are easily treated with potions, but the root cause has no cure. Even wixen who don’t use casting will experience the same sort of problems. 

Are they a pessimist or an optimist?

Jasmine is probably an optimist, but in a cynical way. 

Are they good at handling change in their life?


Does your OC tend to assume their interpretation of events and reality is correct, or do they question it? I.e., “I’m sure that’s what you said” versus “It’s possible I misheard you.”

This question is stupid and Jasmine doesn’t want to answer it. 

Is your OC confident in their reactions to life in general, or do they get embarrassed or easily shamed for it? I.e., if something startles them, do they insist it WAS scary? When they cry, do they feel like they overreacted?

Jasmine is often easily embarrassed because of social anxiety and her voice getting shrill and weird when she talks to pretty girls who may or may not work in potion shops. 

Is your OC a martyr?

What the fuck does this mean. I doubt Jasmine is gonna die for a cause any time soon.

Does your OC make a lot of excuses? For themselves? Others?


Does your OC compromise easily? Too easily?

She lets her older brother push her around a lot. They’re so precious.

Does your OC put others’ needs before their own?

Probably. Especially where her brother is concerned. Caspian is kind of a mess.

Does your OC have any addictions? If so and problematic, have they admitted it to themselves?

By nature, all casters are addicted to casting. 

Does your OC have any phobias? If so, where did they come from?

She does, but nothing she’s ready to admit. 

Is your character empathetic?

Certainly. She’s a beat peace keeping cop that has to deal a lot with diffusing emotional situations that could lead to an overuse of casting. She has to be empathetic in order to do her job. 

Is your character observant?


Does your OC have to go through their own trials to learn a lesson, or do they listen and learn from observation and lecture? I.e., does your OC listen when someone tries to tell them the importance of budgeting, or do they have to go experience what happens if you don’t budget first?

This was too long and I didn’t read it. Jasmine is frowning at me.

What’s one of your OC’s proudest moments of themselves?

Not murdering her brother.

Do they get jealous easily? Do they feel bad if they do?

She can get jealous, yeah. Probably not easily. She doesn’t feel bad about it. Especially considering ALL PARTIES PRESENT KNEW HOW SHE FELT AND DID THE THING ANYWAYS. She was justified in her jealousy. 

What instantly irritates them or puts them in a bad mood?

Whenever her brother is sick or he pushes himself too hard and hurts himself. 

Are they harsh on themselves?

She used to be, but now she’s learned to take things in stride. She can’t be constantly hard on herself with her brother to worry about. 

Is your OC intended to be found generally attractive? Unattractive? Average? Is there a reason why?

I mean, I’m her mother so I’m always gonna think my baby is beautiful. Though, I wouldn’t say she’s conventionally attractive. She has too big eyes with pretty heavy dark circles underneath, a too small upper lip with an enormous pouty lower one that she thinks makes her look like a turtle, and her hair never wants to cooperate. She has a huge fluff of kinky curls that somehow are always busting out of clips. 

Does your OC place much importance on their appearance? Do they feel confident in it?

She wears light makeup, has a skin care routine, etc. Most of this is taken care of by potions so it’s easier for people in this reality to have routines like this. Plus Jasmine likes the repetitive nature of putting makeup on. She’s into calming repetitive stuff. 

What are some of your OC’s biggest personal obstacles? This could be emotional, physical, social… Are they aware of it? Are they trying to overcome it?

Honestly there’s a lot going on in her life right now, but her biggest obstacle is likely her brother’s unwillingness to care about her feelings as far as the girl in the potion shop goes. 

B. Social

Do they believe you have to give respect to get it, or get respect to give it?

Dude whatever. Respect is respect is respect. Jasmine doesn’t need to answer this. 

Do they get frustrated when lines at places like pharmacies, check-outs, delis, banks, et cetera, are moving slowly?

No. She lives in a city. There are always lines. 

Under what situations would they get angry at servers, staff, customer service, et cetera?

She doesn’t.

Do they tip well? How easily can they be moved to not leave a tip?


Do they hold doors open for people?


Would your OC let someone ahead of them in line if your OC had a big cart and the person behind them had very few items?


How do they respond to babies crying in public?

She ignores them like every other sane person. That’s not her kid. 

Is your OC considered funny? Do they believe they’re funny?

Probably. And no, she doesn’t think she’s funny. 

What kind of humor does your OC like the most? Slapstick, ironic, funny sounds, scare pranks, xD sO rAnDoM…

None of the above. Her sense of humor is there, but pretty refined. She likes dry humor. 

Does your OC find any “bad” or “mean” humor funny? Do they wish they didn’t?

Sure. She’s a caster. There are always going to be things you find funny (that aren’t funny) when you’re casted out. 

Your OC is running late to meeting someone: Do they let the other person know? Do they lie about why they’re late?

The other person knows and doesn’t care. Jasmine cares a lot, but it’s not something she apologizes for. She’s rarely late. 

Your OC orders something to eat and gets their order done in a pretty wrong way, something they can’t just pick off or whatnot to correct, or something major is missing. What do they do?

Jasmine doesn’t order much “off menu” but if this did happen she’d probably send it back so the cooks could correct it or ask for the missing item. That or she wouldn’t care. 

Do they have a large or small group of friends?

She has a pretty large group of friends. Most of them cops, some she still knows from college. They go to jazz clubs and stuff. 

Do they have people they (that?) are genuinely honest with about themselves?

Her brother.

Does your OC enjoy social events, such as parties, clubs, et cetera..?

She does, sure. She’s introverted, but she can enjoy going out. Just not too much.

Does your OC like to be the center of attention or more in the mix?

Why can’t she just fade into the background and observe?

C. Morality

Does your OC have a moral code? If not, how do they base their actions? If so, where does it come from, and how seriously do they take it?

Yes. It comes from her not being a shitty person and she takes that very seriously.

Would your OC feel bad if they acted against their morals? If not, would they find a way to excuse themselves for it?


Is it important for them to be with people (socially, intimately, whatever) whose major ideological tenets align with their own?


Do they consider themselves superior or more important than anyone else? Lesser?


Do your OC’s morals and rules of common decency go out the window when it comes to those they don’t like, or when it’s inconvenient? Aka, are their morals situational?

I’m gonna say yeah. People change. Dynamic characters are the best characters.

What do they do when they see someone asking for money or food? If they ignore them, why? If they help, how so?

She’s a big ol’ softy. Buys coats and food for the homeless in their neighborhood. She often uses her position in law enforcement to help them out too. There are a lot of shelters around and she and some of the other cops are constantly checking in to make sure everything is running smoothly. 

There are a lot of initiatives for the homeless in Wixen universe. It comes with the territory. It’s possible a lot of casters could end up losing their livelihood due to the circumstances of their “illness” and they’ve come up with ways to combat this by having special housing for the homeless and the permanently casted out that are too far gone to remain in society. 

Do they believe people change over time? If so, is it a natural process or does it take effort?


Is your OC more practical or ideal morally? I.e., do they hold people to high expectations of behavior even if it’s not realistic for the situation, or do they have a more realistic approach and adapt their morality to be more practical?


D. Religion and Life and Death

How religious is your OC? What do they practice, if anything? If they don’t associate with any religion, what do they think of religion in general?

In Wixen, monotheistic religions didn’t gain a lot of traction, so most of the religions are different than what people in our universe would believe. They have gods and goddesses and stuff like that. It’s normal for people, who utilize the old ways with spells and witchcraft, to worship the sun and the moon and the elements. 

Jasmine doesn’t buy into the old ways. She’s more progressive so she isn’t very religious. She may burn a candle for the goddess of the moon every year on the solstice. She likes the moon goddess. The sun god never hears from her though. 

Do they believe in an afterlife?

In Wixen, the general belief is that after death everyone becomes energy that goes back into the laylines to feed future magical generations. 

How comfortable are they with the idea of death?

Fairly comfortable.

Would they like to be immortal? Why, why not? If they are immortal, would they rather not be?

Immortality isn’t something she likes to think about. 

Do they believe in ghosts? If not, why? If so, do they think they’re magical/tie into their religion, or are they scientifically plausible?

Ghosts are definitely real. Why would they not be real? Spirits that have unfinished business are everywhere. Or people that just didn’t wanna die and end up in the layline. They’re around. 

E. Education and Intelligence

Would you say that your OC is intelligent? In what ways? Would your OC agree?

Jasmine isn’t like wowwwowoow IQ of 9000 smart, but she’s not an idiot either. She’d definitely agree that she isn’t an idiot. 

Which of the nine types of intelligence is your OC strongest in? Weakest? (Linguistic, existential, naturalist, et cetera)

This is a dumb question. 

How many languages do they speak?


Did they enjoy school if they went to it?


What’s their highest education level? Do they want to continue their education?


Do they enjoy learning? Do they actively seek out sources of self-education?

Who doesn’t enjoy learning? Yes.

Are they a good note-taker? Are they a good test-taker? Do exams make them nervous?

Yes, yes, yes.

What’s one of your OC’s biggest regrets?

How she treated her brother after she lost her leg.

F. Domestic Habits, Work, and Hobbies

What sort of home do they live in now, if at all? How did they end up there?

She lives in a spacious apartment with her brother in Briarville, Delaware. They ended up there because of work. 

What’s their ideal home look like? Where is it?

She likes where she lives. Maybe one day she’ll have a farm in the country with a bunch of rescue creatures where she can rehabilitate them, but for now she wouldn’t trade her apartment for the world. 

Could they ever live in a “tiny home”?

That’s just a trailer with extra steps. 

How clean are they overall with home upkeep?

Their home is clean, but definitely lived in.

How handy are they? Can they fix appliances, cars, cabinets, et cetera?

Most things can be fixed with a well placed rune and a little casting. Things that can’t be, she just calls someone else to do it.

How much do they work? What do they do? Do they enjoy it?

She’s a beat cop so she works every day. She likes her job.

What’s their “dream career” or job situation?

Probably a detective or a magical creature rehabilitator. 

How often are they home?

Every night?

Are they homebodies and enjoy being home?

She likes being at home on her days off. That or out in nature. Wixen like nature.

Do they engage in any of the arts? How good do you intend them to be? Would they agree they are?

She was a fairly decent ballet dancer in her youth. She stopped doing in professionally when she left college and moved on to a more practical career she could see herself maintaining long term. 

What are some of their favorite things to do for recreation? How did they get into it? What part of it do they like the most?

She likes to read and listen to jazz. The rest of this question is dumb. 

Would they enjoy a theme park?

Probably? She likes looking at weird stuff and occasionally likes fair food. 

G. Family and Growing Up

Is your OC close to their family?


Who makes up your OC’s family, at least the more important members to them?

Her mother and older brother and step father. Her biological father died when she was young. He was a cool guy and is dearly missed. 

Does your OC find their family supportive? If not, what would be an example why not?

Yeah, sure.

What kind of childhood did your OC have?

A good one. She lost her leg due to her brother’s shenanigans, but other than that and her father passing she was very well loved. (Except for Dave. Fuck that guy. Her mother re-married early on because of grief and Dave was a douuuche.)

Did they go through any typical phases growing up?


Do they have any favorite childhood memories?


Do they have any childhood memories they’d rather forget or be less affected by?

Of course. 

H. Romance and Intimacy

What is your OC’s orientation, romantic and/or sexual? Has it ever been a source of stress for them? Have they always been pretty sure of their orientation?

Jasmine is a lesbian. She’s also trans. It’s only ever been a source of stress where Dave was concerned. In Wixen, society generally accepts LGBT due to the monotheistic religions not really taking root and most people are kinda just like. Whatever. There are some people out there with differing opinions, but it is very rare. 

She’s not always been sure of her orientation.

Is your OC a thoughtful partner, in whatever aspect of that you want to cover?

She probably is. Or as much as she can be with the whole magic thing.

Does your OC believe there’s only one ideal partner (or multiple ideal if not monogamous) for everyone, or that there are many people who could be right?


Does your OC believe in love in first sight?

Not love, no. She falls in love slowly. She can generally gauge if she’s going to be attracted to someone at first sight, though. 

Does your OC believe in marriage (or their culture’s equivalent)?


Has your OC ever cheated on anyone or been cheated on?

Yeah, dude.

What do they look for in partners? (Emotionally, mentally, physically…)

Honestly Jasmine is attractive to clever women that are independent and sort of not terrible. 

What’s your OC’s idea of a perfect date?

A jazz concert in a foggy club with someone she genuinely cares about. 

What are some things that your OC finds to be an instant turn-off in potential partners?

Probably stabbing her in the hand. *GLARES POINTEDLY AT VIOLET*

I. Food

What are their favorite kinds of flavors– Sweet, salty, sour, spicy, creamy, et cetera?

She likes rice.

Do they have any eating requirements or preferences? Allergies, vegetarian, organic-only, religious restrictions…


Are they vegan/vegetarian (if their overall culture/species generally aren’t)? If so, why? Do they think animal products are wrong in all circumstances?


How often do they cook? Do they order out a lot?

Every night.

Are they a good cook?

Pretty average. Caspian is the better cook.

Could they eat the same thing they enjoy over and over and not get bored of it quickly?


J. Politics, Current Events, Environmental Aspects

Where does your OC stand most politically? What would they align with most?

Honestly I haven’t thought much about the political climate in Wixen. 

How politically aware are they?

It’s likely she’s very politically aware. 

How politically active are they?


Is your OC the sort to fall for fake news? If not, do they ignore it or make a point to clarify that it’s wrong?

Probably not.

Are they or would they protest for a cause they’re passionate about?


How do they react to people whose political viewpoints are very opposite of theirs?

As long as they aren’t dangerous, she ignores them.

How much interest in environmental health do they have?

The environment is VERY important to caters. Most of their cities are overgrown by plant life. 

In reality-based or applicable worlds, do they believe in global warming? Do they recycle?

L. For the Writer/Owner

How have your characters changed since you created them?

She’s changed a lot – originally she was Yamato from Naruto for an RP. Until eventually this RP became something completely different and turned into this crack RP with Yamato/Kakashi/Kasumi/Oniyuri as wizards. Then it became it’s own story where she was originally named Rowan and was a dude. Now her name is Jasmine and she’s cool. 

Like man she started out as Japanese, then white, now she’s Portuguese/french, but her father was black so that’s a thing.

What do you consider the biggest themes in your character, if any?

Being the best gay she can be.

Did you create the character to be like yourself, did they end up being like yourself, or are they very different from you?

Lol no. She’s cooler than I am. 

Would you hang out with your OC if you could?

Gross hanging out with people. 

How did you come up with your OC?

Was originally part of a Naruto RP that spiraled out of control. 

Character Sheets: Violet

1. What color is your character’s hair?

Naturally black, currently in the story line I believe it is Magenta or Amaranth. May also be a bright icy blue. She changes it rather often. 

2. What color are your character’s eyes?

Gray, but they can’t seem to make up their mind as to whether they want to look greenish or blueish. As is the case with light eyed people. 

3. What color is your character’s skin?

She’s part Thai and part Greek (and all American) so she’s fairly tan. 

4. What special aesthetic characteristics does your character have?

She’s got cool hair. 

5. Does your character have any piercings? Tattoos?

Septum. Ears pierced thrice on each side (standart lobe, double upper lobe). Daith piercing in left ear (with cute crescent moon shaped earring). industrial piercing in right ear (may or may not be an arrow. long live the goddess artemis u fools). You could TECHNICALLY call the buying/selling runes embedded in her wrists piercings since they’re permanent runes. She also has a navel piercing because how could she not? And a smiley piercing. Maybe even a few “down under”. Not that you could prove it. 

Forgot this also asked about tattoos. She doesn’t have anything too visible. She has the phases of the moon across her back (right shoulder to left shoulder) in an eerie metallic gold that’s 1 part magic, 2 parts irradiated fuckery. And one on her arm somewhere. Don’t know what its of. Her favorite animal probably. 

6. What’s the sexiest physical characteristic of your character?

Definitely her giant nose. 

7. What’s the ugliest physical characteristic of your character?

Uh. She has really bad breath in the morning. 





BONUS: What element of their appearance is your character most insecure about?

Violet is really insecure about her height. She thinks she’s too short. 

8. What does your character wear?

She’s a goth so. Bright colors and idk rainbows. That’s what goths wear, right?

9. When your character smiles, what does their smile look like?

Probably a little terrifying. Or awkward. She’s not much of a smiler. 

10. What does your character’s laugh sound like?

Harsh and deep but feminine. Or when she’s nicer and isn’t being a bitch her laughter is kind of melodic and contagious. 

BONUS: What sort of things would make your character laugh?

Generally being mean to Jasmine or pulling a really good prank. Though she also laughs a lot when flirting. 

11. What is your character’s normal style of speech?

Her voice is slightly raspy, but light. Most of the time she sounds annoyed.

BONUS: What are some memorable things your character has said that showcase their unique voice?

“Female orgasm enhancement?” She asked, tapping her long black fingernail against the front of the bottle. She moved her gaze from the potion in her hand to take in the two officers before her.

“Your,” she cleared her throat, quirking an eyebrow at the male officer, “partner not pulling his weight?”

12. How does your character express/handle anger?

By blowing shit up and losing control. Or also being a petty bitch. There is no in-between. 

13. Does your character cry?

Everybody cries.

BONUS: What sorts of things would make them cry?

Idk man. Maybe breaking a nail or ripping her brand new tights or getting kidnapped and tortured for three years only to find out everything she’s ever known is a lie and her entire life is in shambles. 

14. How easy is it for other people to read your character’s emotions?

I mean. By nature her entire species has difficulty expressing and reading emotions so. I mean, I don’t think people can really read each other that well. 

15. Is your character religious?

She’s basically obsessed with sun gods and moon goddesses. Casters don’t have to be religious, but some of those who use witchcraft or “the old ways” find it comforting to believe in something. Violet is one of those people. 

16. How does your character view those of other faiths?

She doesn’t care about them. It doesn’t directly affect her, after all. 

17. What are your character’s core values?

I mean. First do no harm? She was training to be a medical caster so she wants to help people. She has a lot of good ideas on how to fix things in magical society, but she’s lost her way a little bit. 

18. How willing is your character to fight for those values?

She’s done a lot of things. Even sort of pimping herself out to better science.

19. What is your character’s favorite food?

She’s real into fruit. And maybe also too much into khao neow sang kaya. 

20. What is your character’s favorite color?


21. What are your character’s sleeping preferences?

When she was in the medical corps she pushed herself until she passed out somewhere weird. Now that she works in a store she gets between 6 to 8 hours a night. Sometimes more. She’s a lot more well rested than she used to be. 

Habit wise she generally sleeps in her bed, hair up, shorts and a tanktop and completely diagonal across the whole thing. In med corps she was lucky if she found a nice hard floor to pass out on. 

BONUS: What position does your character typically sleep in?

Diagonally across her bed on her stomach or right side. 

22. What is your character’s sexual identity?

Cis female? If that’s what you’re asking. Fuck it I’m combining 22 and 23. Violet is canonically cis female and bisexual. 

23. What are your character’s sexual preferences?

BONUS: What sexual experiences or choices does your character feel especially good or bad about?

Violet hasn’t done a lot of the sex. She hasn’t had time with her medical career. They start training really young and everyone is really serious about it. So she doesn’t have much to feel good or bad about. She’s largely neutral to the whole thing. Dancing naked in the moonlight covered in blood and surrounded by a dozen of your peers before ominously chanting some weird song prior to a three day orgy is normal every day wixen shit, after all. 

24. What type of music does your character like?

Violet likes 80′s female power ballads and music without lyrics that she can work to. Movie scores are generally a favorite since most of those are instrumental. 

BONUS: Does your character have a song that is “their song”?

Uh. Fite me.

25. What is your character’s birthday?

She’s a Sagittarius. December 2nd. 

BONUS: Does their astrological sign seem to fit them?

Violet is a Sagittarius and she does have a thirst for knowledge and an impressive intellect. She’s curious and quick-witted and extroverted. So I’d say it fits her well, but that’s why I chose the sign for her in the first place. 

26. What family structure did your character have growing up?

She doesn’t remember much about her parents, they died in a fire when she was young. She grew up with her older sister in a boarding school. They were rather staunch and strict, but she had a cool lady named Hecate around to help her realize her true potential. 

27. How well did your character get along with their family?

Violet and her older sister, Persephone get along famously. Plus her mother figure, Hecate is constantly around being her best self. She has a pretty great family dynamic. 

28. What is the worst thing your character has ever done?

Probably left that sticky note for Jasmine. 

29. What is the best thing your character has ever done?

That remains to be seen. 

30. What is the most significant romantic encounter of your character’s past?

Uh. She stabbed Jasmine in the hand once. 

31. Has your character ever been in love?

Not that she knows of. So far. In this time line. 

32. Has your character ever been in lust?

Uhhh. Sure. All those orgies. 

33. What is your character’s level of sexual experience?

Pretty lacking. She’s only been to a few blood/moon orgies. 

34. What is your character’s most embarrassing moment?

Lol generally existing. But no really, probably accidentally stabbing a cop in the hand. 

35. What is your character’s biggest goal in life?


Also to change the cost of casting. She wants to erase the emotional disconnect it causes in wixen and magical beings of all types. It’s sort of a huge problem. Though for a long time she goes about that the wrong way. 

36. What does your character believe is their greatest virtue?

Probably being a healer.

37. What does your character believe is their greatest vice?

Probably not knowing when to stop a bad or toxic behavior due to being casted out. Overcasting is a huge bad habit she’s picked up recently. She’s never been able to cast recreationally before leaving the medical corps to help her sister with their new potions shop. So she’s gone overboard lately and it’s been sort of ruining her life. 

38. What motivates your character most?

A strong desire to find an easy way out of her past mistakes and hopefully make things better for future generations. 

39. Is your character objective-oriented?

I mean, probably? We’ve already discussed her interest in goals? I don’t understand why this question is even here.

40. Would your character rather be a great person or a good person?

Violet is offended by this question. It’s a fucking weird stupid ass question. 

41. Would your character rather be hated for being who they are or loved for pretending to be someone else?

Violet doesn’t give a fuck. If you don’t like her, that’s your problem, fam. 

42. Is your character an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?


43. Is your character creatively expressive?

I mean. Sure, if you consider potion making an surgery and art. I suppose. I mean, she makes potion making look fucking cool. 

44. What’s your character’s disorder?

Violet is a giant fucking nerd.

Who is cursed with a flair for the dramatic along with the crippling depression, lack of empathy or any sort of emotional understanding, and general shitty person disorder that comes along with magic and its use in modern society. Wixen are very off-putting to say the least. 

45. What is your character’s standard emotional state?

Stressed. Probably angry. Maybe a little confused. At least at first, until she goes through a brief apathetic phase. Then basically constant earth shattering rage. 

46. Is your character materialistic?

Sure. Violet likes pretty things. What 19 year old isn’t a little materialistic. 

BONUS: What are some of your character’s prized possessions?

Man her weird spiral rainbow wand that she doesn’t use because wands have been obsolete for centuries. But the ~~~aesthetic~~~ tho. 

47. What is your character’s major learning style?

Practical application. Putting herself in a situation or a simulation that would require her to use the knowledge she’s been provided with and has studied several times. She learns both by reading and by doing. 

48. What question isn’t on this questionnaire that your character is just burning to answer?

She likes girls more than dudes even though she’s bi. She also wants to have a pet red panda because they’re cute. Her favorite animal is probably a bear. Idk. 

49. I am a _________. How would your character complete that sentence?

“I am a medical professional and this is jackass.”

50. Life is an act of _________ing. What verb would your character use to complete that sentence?

Dude probably “fucking” what kind of a dumb ass sentence is this. Violet is fucking perturbed.