Power Lines & Internet Modems

You have a bad signal
but I’ve got the broken heart
the salty drops of rain that fall

<            /           3

They break me
lure me in with false hope
false love, false everything
then cast me aside…
my only hope being to call
y  o  u.

But you’re lost in your own land
of power-lines and internet modems
I’m hurt and you can’t reach me
I guess it’s what I should expect

You can’t always be there
and I know that but…
I really needed you now.

but.  y. ou.         .ve.a          onnec.         tion.

When She’s Free

She told a lie and now she’s stuck
sinking and suffocating in their accusations
their unwillingness to want to help her
but they don’t seem to understand
that there’s only
ten months or
7  ,  2   0   0 hours or
25,920,000 seconds until
she can finally fly again
and her wings aren’t broken
by the weight of broken promises
and their invalid arguments
and their crushing laughter
when all she can think about
is her 300 days or 10 months or 7,200 hours or
25,920,000 seconds until she’s finally free
and ready to fly.