Star Wars: Zero Gravity (NSFW)

Pairing: Anakin/Padme 

Rating: M

Summary: A short zero grav smut drabble I wrote a few years ago.

They had been fighting when she followed him into his training chamber. She was a politician, a queen, he couldn’t expect her to be around more than she already was. He was always off on missions, it was difficult to be together. 

Inside the chamber, they continued their raised voices, Anakin was almost consumed by his emotions. He flipped the switch on the wall, removing the gravity from the chamber. 

“What are you doing?” She yelled, feeling her feet leave the ground, her skirt floating around her legs. Anakin grinned at her. 

“Sweeping you off your feet,” He says with a disarming grin. She glares at him.

“I’m still mad at you,” she says, crossing her arms as she floats helplessly through the air. But she couldn’t stop the smile that came as she watched Anakin float in zero gravity. 

“We don’t have time to be angry,” Anakin said, kicking off the wall and making his way towards her, flying through the room. They collided with one another and she yelped as he attempted to kiss her. 

His lips found hers easy enough and she laughed as they spun upside down, floating above the floor. He pulled her close to him, kisses becoming more passionate and insistent despite their laughter. 

Anakin tried desperately to keep the two of them together, his hands traveling across her back, and trying and failing to hike up her long skirt. For her part, Padme continued to laugh, but helped him by kicking away and slowly, whilst still spinning and flying in zero gravity, stripped off her clothing.

Anakin watched with interest as his wife struggled to remove her layers of skirts, shirts, and a variety of other things before she stared at him with a coy smile clad in nothing but her undergarments.

“You’re still clothed,” Padme said, sounding disappointed.  There were so few times she and Anakin got to enjoy each other like this.  She laughed when Anakin began to hastily strip his clothing off as well, turning every which direction as he tried to remove his boots.  

When he was naked before her, she eyed his body appreciatively.  Years of Jedi training had made him muscular and toned.  He watched her with a combination of lust and adoration in his eyes and she removed her last two garments, letting them float around them amongst the heap of other clothing.

Anakin held up his hand then, pulling Padme towards him.  Her body felt warm, her skin covered in goosebumps, and she could feel herself moving through space.  So there were other uses for The Force.  She smirked wickedly as he pressed his body against hers.

She lay her head against his chest, bringing her legs up to wrap around his waist.  She was closer to him than she had been previously, and neither were spinning.  She could still feel the power of the force over her, gently, but still present.  She supposed this was the only way they could do this without incident.  

He held her to him, his hands stroking over her ass and legs as she locked her ankles behind him.  Her body felt so lightweight and free, it was almost strange.

He slid into her with ease, and she felt the push and pull of his ability.  She felt like the tide, caught between Anakin and The Force as he made love to her.  He used one of his hands to pull her head back from his chest, pressing his lips to hers.

She felt lost in the sensations of him, of floating, of being pulled against his body.  He was sweating, moaning against her mouth, while she stayed still for him, her moans coming out in short pants of breath as he kissed her.

“Close,” he whispers to her and she’s so lost in the feeling of him she almost doesn’t recognize what the meaning of that word is.  She moves one of her hands from the back of his neck down her stomach and strokes herself so she can come with him.

And she does, body trembling and jerking as he moans her name against her throat.  Her body feels warm, boneless, and sated as he empties himself inside of her.  And she kisses him, short and chase as he comes down from his orgasm, her walls still fluttering around him from the aftershocks of her own.

“I love you,” he says against her lips.  She doesn’t even remember what they were fighting about.

Star Wars: Wow this is old!

Doodling mine and Erin’s characters from the Old Republic which is, of course, our new obsession. We are both Sith Inquisitors. Both of us came from the same place, both slaves and friends before the academy. Or as friendly as we could be while facing terrible conditions and being exploded by our master.

I came to the academy first, training for months under Lord Zash before she came and was given to me as my padawan. She is now my apprentice and has grown quickly through the ranks. We travel with another warrior, a cyborg named Tuneborg and his companion.

My character is the one with a face full of scars and short hair [foreground] her name is Meerit Dezrien, but she goes by Dez. And wanderingpulses’s character is in the background with the mouth scar. Her name is Zehui Azrael.

Obi-Wan TBH: Obi-Wan has a family

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This is a his family.

Obi-Wan TBH: drunk fanfiction with hiccups

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Obi-Wan TBH: drunk fanfiction pt3? idek.

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