Pompeii: Chapter 2 (This is my most viewed fic on AO3)


Summary: There’s something very wrong with Pompeii and it isn’t just accurate predictions.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Doctor Who

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Part XII – Twelve

He wasn’t quite sure how Rose Tyler ended up in this previous self’s TARDIS. He knew for fact what happened between them and what happened to Donna and obviously Rose looked way too young to have been in the time line where he had seen her again after Bad Wolf Bay. So, of course, he needed answers.

How could Rose possibly have been in Pompeii if not with his younger self and Donna? And how could she not even recognize his younger self? That was the most intriguing part of this. Because he knew how he was in his pin striped form and he would have never brought Donna to a place where another of his incarnations would have been. He swore he’d never do that again since Rose tried to bring about the end of the world in the late ’80s.

Of course he had later on when he had gone quite mad in his most recent form. Which led to quite a few interesting occurrences. The most interesting of which had been with River Song. He sighed at that thought. River Song had been a brilliant woman and she always knew what would happen next. He had been so lost without her for so many years after her death. He had been lost without Rose too.

He followed them from a distance, keeping to the shadows and watching as his younger self and Donna tried to talk to Rose. Of course, he had royally cocked that up and sent Rose running off into the middle of the night again, but they had to fix this somehow didn’t they? After all, he was still here and he could still remember Rose standing on that beach looking beautiful and his hearts aching when she kissed his clone.

That was one of the hardest things he had done. Giving Rose Tyler up to, well, himself on that beach so long ago. But without a doubt in his mind he knew even now she was happy. Or at least she would be as soon as he figured out how to get her out of Pompeii before they all died.

Part XIII – The Beach

Rose searched frantically for where The Doctor had parked his TARDIS earlier that day, but it was so dark she couldn’t see anything. She searched the pockets of her jacket to try and find a torch but to no avail. When it got too dark to see her hands in front of her face she turned around.

By now she knew her Doctor would be searching for her in the city and would undoubtedly be angry she had been gone so long. Especially considering the tremors from the volcano she had been feeling throughout the day.

The people of Pompeii were terrified in those few moments but seemed oblivious to the tremors afterword. As if someone had been reassuring them nothing bad would come of it. She knew it would only get worse. Until the people of Pompeii all died. Unable to be saved, even for The Doctor.

“Doctor?” she called out in the semi-lit streets of the bazaar. A few people stared at her. It was getting late and she knew she would have to find somewhere to stay soon if she wanted to get some rest. And since she couldn’t find her Doctor’s TARDIS the only other place she could think to stay was where she had met Donna and…she swallowed hard at the thought…The Doctor.

She couldn’t remember the way back to the house she had escaped the wrong TARDIS at, much to her dismay. So she wandered around for awhile, calling out to The Doctor (hoping at least one of them would show up) until her voice was hoarse and she was very nearly at the end of her rope.

She sobbed softly and sank to the ground next to an unfamiliar house behind some wooden crates. That’s when she heard it. People screaming, running through the streets and loud trembling footsteps. It sounded like a giant. Was volcano day happening already?

She stood to her feet quickly as the footsteps grew closer. She could barely make out the voices as she came from behind the crates to see what the commotion was. She didn’t even have time to process the situation when someone grabbed her hand, lacing fingers with hers and whispered loudly, “Run“.

And she did.

Part XIV – “Run”

He remembered doing this with her once before. Not quite with the same hand, but at least on the very same side of him. He lost that hand after his regeneration fighting the sycorax. It had been his favorite hand then, but this hand was becoming a very favorite of his now.

She held onto him tightly but didn’t even glance at him once. She kept her eyes trained forward so she wouldn’t trip and fall over the various obstacles in their way. He hoped that in every regeneration he had her hand would still fit perfectly in his.

The “monster” behind them, which was actually an “alien” called a Pyrovile was gaining on them. He heard Donna shout next to him, threatening to murder him in cold blood once they were finally safe again. He smiled, glancing over at her and then back at his Rose. He couldn’t remember the last time he had been this happy.

Rose was smiling and laughing in-between breaths as they ran, the creature still gaining. He had almost forgotten how much she loved the dangerous bits of being with him. He felt his hearts warm and he smiled widely as they rounded the corner, creature crashing behind them.

“Get down!” He heard Quintus shout, throwing a bucket of water over their heads and onto the creature. It screamed and fell to the ground with a loud thump.

“Guess you can kill me then, Donna,” The Doctor said with a laugh, turning to his red headed companion only to realize she wasn’t there.

“Donna?” He asked, searching around frantically and tugging Rose along with him, not willing to let go of his pink and yellow human.

How long had she been missing?

Part XV – He Loves a Red Head, Our Doctor

“What the–” The red headed companion, Donna practically shrieked when Amy forced her into the “lair” of The Sisterhood. Amy bit her lip and stared at Donna. This was another one of his companions, another red headed companion. She wasn’t really sure how she felt about this. The Doctor didn’t talk about his past very much, but she found herself more than just a little jealous. And when was he going to tell her that his last self was so bloody hot? Especially for an older man. Well, not that much older than she was now…or he didn’t look that much older anyhow. She smirked to herself and licked her lips.

“Who the heck are you lot?” the red head asked, hands on her hips, bringing Amy’s attention away from the extremely attractive Doctor and back to reality, “If you think you can just kidnap me and not explain what the bloody hell is going on…” she continued, voice rising with every word. Amy sucked in a breath and grabbed her by the arm before anyone else could react and hauled her away from the watchful eyes of her sisters.

“Play along, okay?” Amy whispered harshly, trying to remain in character as much as possible, “I know about The Doctor.” Donna pulled away from her quickly and rolled her eyes.

“Of course you lot do,” she said, “I saw what your new seer did in that house, predicting the return of Rose. Givin’ him hope, then things go all pear shaped.”

“Rose?” Amy whispered, trying desperately to keep her voice down. Donna met her eyes and pursed her lips, crossing her arms across her chest.

“Rose,” she responded in a sassy tone, “you seers should already know about her, though. If any of you lot are worth anythin’.” Amy swallowed, and glanced at the other women in The Sisterhood. The rest of them seemed to understand, but she stood there, uncertain. She didn’t want them finding out she didn’t exactly belong, but this Donna was seriously getting close to blowing her cover. She needed to ask The Doctor about her and soon because she was not about to inhale those vapors and turn any more of herself into stone.

Part XVI – Rose Water

“Amy?” Rory answered before unceremoniously being flung to the ground of the TARDIS as The Doctor fiddled with something on the console. He let out a noise somewhere between a yelp and a frustrated yell as The Doctor shouted his apologies in the background.

“I need to talk to The Doctor,” Amy hissed immediately, voice barely above a whisper. Rory sighed.

“What no, ‘how are you doing Rory?’ or ‘I miss you’ or–” Amy growled.

“It’s an emergency, but I love you stupid face, now let me talk to The Doctor!” Rory smirked a little at the phone then before shouting to The Doctor that Amy was on the phone.

“Busy!” He shouted back, rushing around the console and checking the monitor.

“Amy says NOW ,” Rory said, using his best intimidation voice and tapping his foot impatiently. The Doctor glanced up from the console almost immediately and flipped a few levers before grabbing the phone from Rory.

“Hello, Pond,” The Doctor said brightly. Rory could hear slightly louder whisper-yelling coming from the phone as his wife admonished The Doctor for trying to put her off. He smirked and so did The Doctor as Amy very nearly tore him a new one.

Amy got quiet again, and Rory couldn’t quite hear what she was saying, but he watched curiously. The Doctor’s smirk faded, his eyes got glassy and his face paled. Rory had only seen him like that a handful of times and he could feel his heart rate speed up. Amy was in trouble, he knew it. Amy was in trouble and they couldn’t even land the TARDIS to help her.

When The Doctor finally spoke again, after a long moment of tortured silence, Rory was sweating.

“Rose…” He whispered, moving his mouth as if it couldn’t quite fit around the word. Rory raised his eyebrows, of all the things he expected The Doctor to say, he wasn’t quite expecting that.

“Sh-she was…” He watched The Doctor swallow hard and heard Amy demand he speak quicker from the receiver. He swallowed again, moving the phone to his other ear and trying very hard not to meet Rory’s gaze.

“Rose was…a friend…she was like you and Rory she uh, she traveled with me a long time ago.” The Doctor paused as Amy asked something else.

“Donna…” he said softly, eyes glassy, “she traveled with me too.” Amy demanded he tell her why Rose was so important. He turned his back to Rory then, voice soft as he answered.

“She’s Rose,” he responded sounding almost heartbroken, “my Rose.”

Part XVII – I Wont Leave Her

“I don’t mean to alarm you, Doc,” Jack began, walking close behind him on the beach away from where they had parked the TARDIS, “but we’re running out of time, that volcano is going to blow tomorrow morning and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. We have mere hours to find Rose, figure out what’s wrong with the TARDIS and get out of here.”

“You don’t think I know that?” He asked grumpily, shoving his hands into the pockets of his jacket, “The TARDIS wont budge and I can’t find Rose without her. We all might very well die here.” He turned and locked eyes with Jack in the darkness then.

“I know,” Jack said, acceptance in his tone.

“Good,” The Doctor replied solemnly, “because I wont leave her.” Jack smiled sadly at his statement and nodded even though The Doctor had already turned away from him.

“I wont either, Doc,” Jack whispered.

Part XVIII – Water Pistol

“Nobody here but us girls,” The Doctor said, looking pointedly at her and Donna to let her know now was the time to escape while he was distracting them. She watched him for a few more moments, not quite sure what happened to make him change, but knowing now wasn’t the time to question it. She grabbed Donna’s wrist then and tried to sneak out of the room, but one of the sisterhood caught her other hand.

She tried to yank it away, turning over her shoulder, ready to fight the woman off. But when she turned, the look on the woman’s face stopped her. She swallowed, letting go of Donna and staring at the woman’s sad expression.

“Rose Tyler,” she whispered softly before letting her eyes flick up to a very annoyed look on Donna’s face. The Doctor was still talking to the sisterhood, keeping their attention while she and Donna stood still, uncertain of what to do now they had been found out.

“Don’t you want to know how I know your name?” the woman whispered, same sad look on her face. She shook her head and let out a quiet breathy laugh.

“I’ve seen what you lot can do, thanks,” Rose said, finally freeing her hand from the woman’s tight grasp. This time the woman laughed softly.

“No,” She said, peeling back her shawl and showing them that she barely turned to stone, “I don’t have-” she made air quotes and Donna and Rose exchanged confused glances-“the sight.”

“Then how are you here?” She asked, gesturing at the sisterhood, “with them?” The woman sighed and shook her head, glancing back over at where things had begun to go a little pear shaped for The Doctor. The sisterhood was getting tired of his antics and it looked like something bad was about to happen.

“Later,” The woman said, fitting herself between Donna and Rose, “now we run.” She grabbed both their hands and they ran out of the room, sparing one last glance back at The Doctor, who defeated that creepy priestess with a water pistol.

She and Donna both laughed in awe, eyes meeting as they exclaimed, “I bloody love him!”

Part XIX – Nine

“Okay,” Rose said breathlessly when they stopped running just outside of the city where it met the beach, “tell us who you are.” Amy stared at the two women, lowering her hood and opening her mouth to speak just as the ground rumbled beneath them. The three women flailed a bit, nearly losing their balance.

When the tremor had passed, Amy opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off by another voice with a heavy Northern accent.

“Rose?” The voice asked, almost shocked. Rose turned towards the voice, breaking out into a huge grin, her tongue stuck between her teeth. Amy and Donna turned, narrowing their eyes at a man dressed in a letter jacket over a jumper followed closely by a very attractive looking man in a trench coat.

“Oh, Rose,” the man said, moving faster toward their group, arms stretched towards her. Donna spoke first.

“Oi!” She said loudly, effectively stopping the man in his tracks, “and just who do you think you are?” She stepped in front of Rose protectively and ignored her noise of protest. Amy smirked.

“Who are you?” The man answered back, so much sass in his tone Amy couldn’t stop her smirk from growing wider.

“I asked you first big ears,” Donna retorted, hands on his hips. The man behind him sniggered, earning a glare from the man in leather.

“Oh, big ears,” the man said sarcastically, gesturing wildly around him, “Haven’t heard that one before, your wit astounds me.” Donna snorted.

“Tell me,” Donna said, gesturing to the man’s ears, “can you fly with those things?” This time Rose giggled from behind Donna, trying hard to muffle the sound.

The man opened his mouth to respond, but was interrupted by the man behind him in the trench coat.

“As much as I’m enjoying this,” he said, stepping forward and taking Donna’s hand, “We don’t have time for a sass off,” he brought Donna’s knuckles to his lips, “Jack Harkness,” he said smoothly with a handsome grin.

“Oh stop it,” the other man said, exasperated. Donna grinned at him, ignoring the other man’s annoyed glare.

“Donna Noble,” she responded.

“That is a very lovely name, Donna Noble,” Jack said, wrinkling his nose a bit and staring down at her wrist before releasing her hand, “A bit out of the ordinary for Pompeii…” he trailed off, staring at her other arm as if he was looking for something.

“Doctor…” He said, voice tinged with worry. Amy glanced around then, looking for the man who she saw moments ago with the water pistol, but he wasn’t there.

“I know, Jack,” the man in leather responded, gazing at Donna with a neutral expression on his face. Amy’s eyes widened in realization just as her cell phone buzzed loudly against her hip.

to be continued

Secret Oblivion: Chapter 5 (Seriously I’m 100% sure none of those accounts are currently active)

Secret Oblivion

-Chapter Five-

Disclaimer: I own not Harry Potter, but own I do the OC: Hannah Pettigrew. My friend owns the OC that will come along later. (OC used with permission)

Summary: When Hannah becomes a death eater she peers into her future to see what will become of her life. When she sees Sirius become hurt, she vows to never let that happen, but will she remember the images in time to save everyone? SB/OC SS/OC JP/LP

A/N: Well guys…this is the fifth chapter. I hope you all enjoy.

– 0 –


Hannah sobbed into his chest for hours, and he stood there and let her. He was unsure of what to do, but when the sun started going down he had to push her away.

“Hannah…” Snape said calmly. She dried her eyes and looked up at him. Snape frowned. Hannah looked pitiful, it was enough to make him cry. “Um…listen…why don’t we get something to eat?” Snape asked, trying to cheer her up.

“I don’t feel very hungry right now,” she said sniffling. Snape put his arm around her shoulders and led her down the road. Hannah tried to stop, but Snape kept her on.

“Eating will do you good, Hannah,” He whispered, She hiccuped and cried more. Snape sighed deeply. He knew Sirius was mean but…did he really have to knock her down?

– 0 –

Sirius watched them walk away and he sighed. He couldn’t help but think of how jealous he was. Hannah with Snape? This was unreal! How could that…loser have her when he couldn’t?

Of course, he had left her when she needed him most. He shook his head miserably and walked the other direction. He shouldn’t dwell on her. She was a Death eater after all.

Even with his back turned her could tell she was leaning on him and he was comforting her. He couldn’t take it his temper was rising. This was torture for him to see the woman he loved with another man. If only he had voiced his feelings sooner! If only he would’ve stayed to talk to her about why and how she had become a Death eater. This hardly seemed fair. Even if he had turned his back on her…she had no right to go after another man! And what was with that panther?

– 0 –

Snape led Hannah into a small restaurant on the corner and brought her to a table. The waitress handed them both menus and Hannah lay her head down on the table. Snape had to admit she looked like a total wreck. Her hair was stuck to her face and her eyes were red and puffy. But he guessed that was nothing compared to the pain she felt inside right now.

He had always thought Hannah to be strong emotionally and physically, but seeing her like this has proofed him wrong. She was crying over a worthless guy, but maybe her pain was more than that. Snape hadn’t been around her long enough to tell really. He looked over her. She was wearing a white long sleeved turtleneck sweater with a black stripe in the center and a black skirt, muggle clothing. He noticed a small blood stain on the arm of her shirt. He touched it gingerly and she allowed him to push up the sleeve and examine the mark on her forearm.

When he gasped and pulled down the sleeve quickly Hannah looked up, expecting him to leave. He didn’t so she stared at him. He made a weird motion to his arm and pointed to hers and she knew what he meant. Snape was marked too. She was kind of glad. She had been so scared because all of her friends were abandoning her over a mark. She smiled at Snape and gave a nod, showing she understood and the waitress came to take their order.

After they ate they sat there talking for awhile until the restaurant started to close. Hannah and Snape left, glancing around the outside before realizing there was barely anyone outside.

“Well, looks like we’ve missed curfew,” Snape joked. Hannah looked horrified.

“Oh no Severus, what will we do?” Snape laughed and took her hand. All three of them took off down the sidewalk until they arrived in a small neighborhood right outside the city. They slowed and walked up to a house. Snape took out his wand and unlocked the door. Hannah, Snape, and the panther stepped inside. Hannah looked around and then back at Snape.

“Is this where you live?” She asked, Snape nodded and laughed.

“What you expected me to live with my mother?” Hannah laughed.

“Well…” She started, “You were voted most likely to live with your mother…” Snape looked confused.

“I was?” Hannah smirked and he got it. “You little liar,” He said advancing on her. Hannah stood her around as the tickle fight started. She screamed and kicked.

“Stop! Stop!” She screamed between giggles. Snape kept on and both fell onto the ground.

“What’s that Hannah?” He asked, still tickling. Hannah tried to speak, but she was in tears and was out of breath from laughing so hard.

Soon enough he stopped and the two lay on the ground, breathing hard. Hannah was still giggling in-between her sharp gasps for air. Snape rolled onto his side and stared at her. He noticed her hair was spread around everywhere. He never really realized how long it was until now. It was very long and silky. He has the sudden urge to touch it.

“So…” Snape said trying to start a conversation. Hannah looked at him expectantly. “Why did you take the mark Hannah?” He asked, fulfilling his urge. He twirled her black hair around his fingers, and Hannah sighed. She wasn’t sure what to tell him. She couldn’t say she was tricked…she didn’t think he would believe that! She shook her head and shrugged.

“I’m not sure really…I guess…” She started, but stopped and shook her head.

“You guess what?” He asked, still playing with her hair. It was so soft against his fingers.

“I was tricked into it,” she whispered. Snape stared at her, not sure what to say.

“How?” He asked. He was intrigued by her answer.

“It’s a long story actually…” She said with a deep sigh.

“I’m willing to listen,” he said. Hannah stared at him, tears forming in her already puffy eyes. She was happy someone would her out. She was happy someone cared.

– 0 –

Please, please forgive me,

But I won’t be home again.

Maybe someday you’ll look out,

And, barely conscious, you’ll say to no one:

Isn’t something missing?

You won’t cry for my absence, I know

You forgot me long ago.

Am I that unimportant?

Am I so insignificant?

Isn’t something missing?

Isn’t someone missing me?

Even though I’d be sacrificed,

You won’t try for me, not now.

Though I’d die to know you love me,

I’m all alone.

Isn’t someone missing me?

Please, please forgive me,

But I won’t be home again.

I know what you do to yourself,

I breathe deep and cry out:

Isn’t something missing?

Isn’t someone missing me?

Even though I’d be sacrificed,

You won’t try for me, not now.

Though I’d die to know you love me,

I’m all alone.

Isn’t someone missing me?

And if I bleed, I’ll bleed,

Knowing you don’t care.

And if I sleep just to dream of you

And wake without you there,

Isn’t something missing?

Isn’t something…

Even though I’d be sacrificed,

You won’t try for me, not now.

Though I’d die to know you love me,

I’m all alone.

Isn’t something missing?

Isn’t someone missing me?


– 0 –

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Secret Oblivion: Chapter 4 (Surprise, teen me liked Creed)

Secret Oblivion

-Chapter Four-

Disclaimer: I own not Harry Potter, but own I do the OC: Hannah Pettigrew. My friend owns the OC that will come along later. (OC used with permission)

Summary: When Hannah becomes a death eater she peers into her future to see what will become of her life. When she sees Sirius become hurt, she vows to never let that happen, but will she remember the images in time to save everyone? SB/OC SS/OC JP/LP

A/N: Well guys…this is the fourth chapter. I hope you all enjoy.

“One Last Breath”

A whole month has passed since Sirius had seen the mark, and he hadn’t come back to say ‘I’m sorry.’ He didn’t even come by to say hello. Hannah sighed, she knew it was time to stop dwelling on him. In fact, she was long overdue.

Hannah stared out the window at the world outside and then she got a crazy idea. She wanted to go visit James and Lily! Hannah changed clothes and left quickly. They had already sent her their new address. She didn’t quite understand why they didn’t tell her at the wedding, but oh well.

She had decided to go the muggle way, in a car. She had he license so why not try out her new red convertible? She let the top down and the wind blew through her hair, causing it to flail around violently. She laughed, as she puled onto a back road, and she drove wildly to James’ house.

Upon arrival she knocked on the door loudly. Lily came with a smile on her face, but the smile faded when she saw whom it was. Lily stepped out of the house and shut the door behind her.

“Hannah!” She whispered harshly. “What are you doing here?” Hannah frowned and looked confused.

“Lily…I do not understand…aren’t we friends? Can’t I visit?” Hannah looked hurt and Lily rolled her eyes.

“Hannah Amelia Pettigrew, I have known you since we were 11,” she spat out. Hannah stared at her, not sure what she was getting at. “But I never thought, even in my wildest dreams, that you would do this.” Lily grabbed her marked arm and shook it violently. Hannah’s eyes widened. Sirius had told her!

“Lily…I…” She started. Lily put her hand up and shook her head.

“I don’t want to hear it Pettigrew,” Lily spat at her, “There is no room in my house for one of his followers.” Lily walked back inside, and before Lily slammed the door Hannah caught a glimpse of Peter. Rage consumed her and she stormed off, opening the car door and she drove around awhile before realizing she should go to the Wizarding realm. She smirked to herself and parked her car in her driveway. Stuffing the keys in her pocket, she went to the sidewalk and stuck out her wand hand.

A huge bus appeared before her that instant and she boarded. The driver and bus boy smiled at her. She had been on here before. Many times and everyone knew her by name; even the old lady that was always on when anyone boarded.

“Where we headed tonight Ms. Hannah?” Hannah smiled, and tapped her lip for a moment before answering.

“Where I usually go Billy,” The boy nodded and smiled sincerely. Hannah wished he hadn’t because his teeth looked almost as hideous as Voldamort’s face. She chucked to herself as the ride went on in silence. When they stopped everything went forward, but Hannah was used to his by now.

“Last stop Ms. Hannah.” Hannah smiled at him gratefully and got off the bus, entering the leaky caldron.

“‘Lo ‘Annah,” the bar tender said without looking up. She smiled and passed him for the entrance to the portal. She pushed the bricks in and she then entered the Wizarding world. She breathed deep and smiled.

Hannah walked down the streets alone looking in the stores and such. She saw mothers and children and every sort of thing. She saw a pet store and she entered it. She had lost he owl and cat to age at Hogwarts, so she felt the need to buy another pet. It was kind of awkward going in there, because of all the memories it brought back.

She remembered getting Shadow and Glimmer here. What an exciting day that was. She was just starting her first year at Hogwarts and her mother had got her a kitten. She loved that little kitten so much, it had been completely black with amber colored eyes. She loved it dearly, but…she also wanted an owl to send letters to home and to other people so she wouldn’t have to wait for her mother’s owl to come. So her mother had gotten it for her, but she had to send it to Hogwarts with Peter, who mistreated her greatly. Peter had a rat, and that was all he cared about.

She laughed, remembering when Peter got so hungry he had eaten the poor little thing. She thought about the saying ‘You are what you eat.’ That was definitely what had happened to Peter. Since his Animangus form was a rat, the saying was so true! Well, for him anyway.

She spotted some kitties over in the corner and she went to pet them, but before she could get there she noticed there was a rather large cat in a cage. She blinked and rubbed her eyes before realizing it was an honest to goodness, Black Panther. She let out a gasp and the clerk noticed her reaction.

“Ma’am…” The clerk said, getting her attention. She looked down at him and smiled.

“Yes?” She asked sweetly, with a fake smile painted across her face. The panther’s eyes locked on her face and it sat down in its cage.

“The large cat has taken quite a liking to you, but it scares off most my other customers, would you like to take it?” Hannah smiled widely and grinned.

“Of course!” she man smiled and handed her chain link leash.

“Take it…Good-bye!” The man rushed off before Hannah had the chance to ask him how much. She sighed, figuring the cat was free, she took it from its cage and walked out the door. Today had turned out to be an odd day. (A/N: The panther is just a kitten so it’s not full-grown. It is about the size of a cub)

As Hannah walked down the street people gawked and stared, but she was used to that now, for Merlin’s sake she was walking around with a panther cub. Hannah shook her head and laughed. This was awkward, she never thought she’d be here, in the Wizarding world, walking a big cat down the road.

Lost in her thoughts Hannah didn’t notice the cat speed up and start after a person a little ahead of her. She screamed, coming back to reality. The person her cat was after, turned around and looked alarmed. Hannah’s eyes got wide.

“Severus!” She yelled, losing control of the cat, “Get out of the way!” Hannah fell onto the ground, the cat dragging her onward. The cat dragged her the remainting six feet to Severus before she was stopped.

Severus looked down at her a worried expression on his face. Hannah laughed, and he smiled knowing she was okay.

“Fancy seeing you here,” she said staring up at him. Severus smiled at her, and stood, offering his hand. She took it and he helped her stand.

“Thank you Severus,” she said, walking on. Severus followed and offered to take the cat for her. Hannah shook her head no, and he gave her a stern look. She blinked, and handed him the leash.

They walked on, a pleasant conversation filled the air around them, and their friendship grew. Sure they were friends at Hogwarts, but when she started to hang around Sirius and his lot. They lost touch. Hannah pushed her hair out her face and looked forward. Her heart skipped a beat, and she stopped moving. Severus turned to her, concerned once more.

“Hannah…” He said quietly, but she didn’t say a word she just kept looking forward, fear on her face. Severus followed her eyes and noticed Sirius Black standing a few feet away, staring at her. He approached with a smirk on his face.

“What’s the matter Hannah you can’t do any better than Snape?” He asked, hitting her shoulder with his and knocking her over as he passed. Hannah watched him go as mutely as she had let him got a month ago.

Hannah felt like she was falling, even when Snape helped her up. She was down to one last breath, or so it seemed. She stared at Severus blankly before hugging him and crying on his shoulder.

“Hold me now,” Hannah pleaded, Snape wrapped his arms around he waist, feeling really nervous. Hannah felt like she was six feet from the edge and still falling. If only she could look deeper and realize that maybe six feet wasn’t so far down.

Please come now I think I’m falling

I’m holding on to all I think is safe

It seems I found the road to nowhere

And I’m trying to escape

I yelled back when I heard thunder

But I’m down to one last breath

And with it let me say

Let me say

Hold me now

I’m six feet from the edge and I’m thinking

That maybe six feet

Ain’t so far down

I’m looking down now that it’s over

Reflecting on all of my mistakes

I thought I found the road to somewhere

Somewhere in His grace

I cried out heaven save me

But I’m down to one last breath

And with it let me say

Let me say

Hold me now

I’m six feet from the edge and I’m thinking

That maybe six feet

Ain’t so far down

Sad eyes follow me

But I still believe there’s something left for me

So please come stay with me

‘Cause I still believe there’s something left for you and me

For you and me. For you and me

Hold me now

I’m six feet from the edge and I’m thinking

Creed-Once Last Breath-

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Secret Oblivion: Chapter 3 (you can’t reach me at any of those email addresses anymore)

Secret Oblivion

-Chapter Three-

Disclaimer: I own not Harry Potter, but own I do the OC: Hannah Pettigrew. My friend owns the OC that will come along later. (OC used with permission)

Summary: When Hannah becomes a death eater she peers into her future to see what will become of her life. When she sees Sirius become hurt, she vows to never let that happen, but will she remember the images in time to save everyone? SB/OC SS/OC JP/LP

A/N: Well guys…this is the third chapter. I hope you all enjoy.

“Stop Crying Your Heart Out”

Hannah lay there in pieces all night long. Even in the morning she didn’t have the strength to move. Depression made her feel like the sun would never shine again, but she didn’t ever bother to open the curtains and check if it was out there. She was wallowing in self-pity. This wasn’t very fitting for Hannah. She was usually the first to pick her friends up when they were down, but this was different. This was Hell on earth for her. She had lost the man she loved. All to a stupid mark!

Hannah glared at it, and she let out a resounding scream as she clawed at the hideous mark. No matter how much she bled, to matter how torn up her arm was it wouldn’t go away. More tears spilled from her eyes.

“This is all my fault,” she sobbed. A feeling of hatred for herself washed over her. She felt horrible and she didn’t want to feel like this anymore. She glared back down at the mark. Blood dripped from her cut arm, but the mark has taken over once more. It was in perfect condition like it was burned into her skin. Not only into it, but under it and in every part of her.

She had thought to cut off her arm, but the mark would probably just appear in another place. Her sobbing grew louder and louder until she finally fell asleep again. Even if it was the middle of the day she didn’t care. She had already lost the will to live so nothing mattered.

All of her friends from Hogwarts probably hated her for taking this mark, or at least the people who didn’t take the mark with her. Her eyes shot open as if she hadn’t been asleep at all, and a grin slid across her face. There were people who feared her as well as hated her in this world. None of them deserved to live. Not even her friends.

What was wrong with her? She shook her head rapidly until all the thoughts slipped from her mind. Her friends did deserve to live! Everyone deserved a chance at life. Where had she gotten this terrible idea?

Her mind drifted back to the visions and she gasped. She now understood why she had showed Sirius the mark. It was to protect him from what she would become, but how would she protect James and Lily from the Dark Lord? She thought for awhile before the answer finally came from the deepest part of her mind. ‘You can’t.’

Hannah’s eyes filled with tears again. She flung herself back down onto her bed and sobbed.

“All of my stars…are fading away…” She said, the sobs came out harder. This was terrible. Her life was terrible, but she couldn’t change that’s been and gone…she didn’t even know if she could change what was going to come.

Hold up. Hold on.

Don’t be scared. You’ll never change what’s been and gone.

May your smile; (May your smile,)

Shine on; (Shine on.)

Don’t be scared. (Don’t be scared.)

Your destiny will keep you on,

‘Cause all of the stars, have faded away.

Just try not to worry, You’ll see them some day.

Take what you need, and be on your way and stop,

Crying your heart out.

Get up. (Get up.) Come on. (Come on.)

Why you scared? (I’m not scared.)

You’ll never change what’s been and gone.

‘Cause all of the stars, have faded away,

Just try not to worry. You’ll see them some day.

Take what you need, and be on your way and stop,

Crying your heart out.

‘Cause all of the stars, have faded away.

Just try not to worry, You’ll see them some day.

Just take what you need, and be on your way and stop,

Crying your heart out.

We’re all of the stars, We’re fading away.

Just try not to worry, You’ll see us some day.

Just take what you need, and be on your way and stop,

Crying your heart out.

Stop crying your heart out. Stop crying your heart out. Stop crying your heart out…

Oasis-Stop crying Your Heart Out-

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Secret Oblivion: Chapter 2 (It’s a songfic now)

Secret Oblivion

-Chapter Two-

Disclaimer: I own not Harry Potter, but own I do the OC: Hannah Pettigrew. My friend owns the OC that will come along later. (OC used with permission)

Summary: When Hannah becomes a death eater she peers into her future to see what will become of her life. When she sees Sirius become hurt, she vows to never let that happen, but will she remember the images in time to save everyone? SB/OC SS/OC JP/LP

A/N: Well guys…this is the second chapter. I hope you all enjoy.“We Might As Well Be Strangers”

Hannah tossed and turned that night. Her dreams showed the future she had seen today. This wasn’t fair to her to the man who lay next to her. Sirius has stayed with her that night because he was worried. He was afraid she might take more potions and end up hurting herself in the process. Now that she was tossing and turning he couldn’t sleep, so he propped himself up on his elbow and stared down at her.

“N…no…” Hannah groaned out. Sirius watched. She was having a nightmare, but this was normal for her. Hannah always had nightmares. She had often scared the Ravenclaw girls at Hogwarts with her constant sleep talking. One night she had even been sleep walking and ended up in the Gryffendor common room. No one understood how a Ravenclaw would know the password to get into the Gryffendor common room. James and Remus had blamed him, but he never told her the password. He had no need to.

“S…Sirius,” She groaned out. His attention went back to her, but realized she was saying his name in her sleep. He blinked confused. He never knew Hannah had dreams about him…well…nightmares actually. He knew it was the same nightmare because she hadn’t woken up with a scream or with her eyes wide. He sighed and kept watching. Maybe she’d wake up soon.

Dawn consumed the muggle world before Hannah woke up with a start. Sirius was staring at her; she blinked.

“Did you get any sleep last night?” Hannah asked, twisting her long raven hair around her fingers. Sirius shook his head no. She laughed, but it sounded like she was forcing it. Then she pushed him back on the bed, getting up to work on breakfast. He sighed. A part of him wished she had stayed in bed. He shook it off. He was being…well he was being a guy.

Hannah sighed and turned on the stove. She could hear Sirius’ light snoring and knew he was asleep. Hannah felt horrible for keeping him up all night with her nightmare. She thought he might be used to it by now with how many nights she ended up in his bed at Hogwarts. Oh Merlin…did she keep him awake then too? What about the other Gryffendor guys…what they must have thought! Her mind raced with ideas until she was interrupted by something burning on the stove.

“Bloody ‘ell!” She screamed, waking Sirius up. She turned the stove off and groaned. Sirius stared at her. He sighed deeply, and pushed the blankets and sheets off of him.

“What did you do this time?” He asked exhausted. Hannah turned to him and put on a fake smile. Sirius saw through it and walked over to the stove casually. He looked at what she had burned and he laughed. “Guess the bacon is going to be crunchy,” he joked and Hannah hit him playfully.

“Sirius,” she said quietly. He looked at her, she was facing him, but she wasn’t looking into his eyes. He knew something was wrong.

“Yes?” He asked studying her, and for the first time he noticed the mark on her arm. He backed away from her like he was burned. He looked at her, his mouth opened and closed, but no sound would come out. She nodded solemnly. He let out a strangled cry and hurried to leave. He has slept in her bed; he has slept in a Deatheater’s bed. He was in love with a member of the Dark Lord’s evil army. His heart was breaking, and Hannah would see that, but she let him go. No more words were said.

After he had left, Hannah fell mutely onto her bed and cried. She has betrayed him as well as herself. All thanks to Peter Pettigrew, the coward. Seeing him leave like that hurt her greatly, but she had to let him go. They were living in a different world now. She didn’t know his heart anymore.

From outside the apartments Sirius shook his head. The way he had reacted was painful to Hannah, he could tell, but they might as well be strangers. Living in a different town, maybe even in a different world. He was unsure of her heart, he thought he knew her, but today has proofed him wrong.

I don’t know your face no more,

Or feel the touch that I adore.

I don’t know your face no more,

It’s just a place I’m looking for.

We might as well be strangers in another town,

We might as well be living in a different world.

We might as well, we might as well, we might as well.

I don’t know your thoughts these days,

We’re strangers in an empty space.

I don’t understand your heart,

It’s easier to be apart.

We might as well be strangers in another town.

We might was well be living in another time.

We might as well, we might as well, we might as well

Be strangers, be strangers.

For all I know I know of you now, for all I know of you now, for all I know of you now.

For all I know…

Keane-We might As Well be strangers.

A/N: And Cut. That was the second Chapter. I hope you enjoyed my writing. I think it kind of sucks, but enjoy the song at the end I just so happened to me listening to it so I decided to end with it in there, and some of the verses written into the thoughts of these characters. Please review constructively.

Secret Oblivion: A Harry Potter Fanfiction

I have a very special treat for you guys. From now until August 9th or so, I’ll be posting chapters of a fanfiction I wrote in 2005 containing Hannah Pettigrew, my Harry Potter OC who would eventually become the basis for Ophelia from my book, Power.

The below has not been edited, beta’d, or updated to fit my current writing style.

Secret Oblivion

-Chapter one-

Disclaimer: I own not Harry Potter, but own I do the OC: Hannah Pettigrew. My friend owns the OC that will come along later.

Summary: When Hannah becomes a death eater she peers into her future to see what will become of her life. When she sees Sirius become hurt, she vows to never let that happen, but will she remember the images in time to save everyone? SB/OC SS/OC JP/LP

A/N: First HP Fiction.

“The Future”

For some doors open and opportunities file through, but for others nothing happens. They say graduating from Hogwarts is one of the best things that ever happens to you, but for Hannah Pettigrew…it would be the worst.

Hannah stretches out for another ordinary day. It had only been a few days since her graduation and she was quite unsure of what to do in her life. She opened the curtains of her muggle apartment and she stared out at all the muggles that walked by. Sometimes their actions would amuse her, but today she felt something was missing. It was like a part of her was gone. She stared at her forearm and traced her fingers over the dark mark. She was a newly recruited death eater, but it was nothing to be proud of. Her brother, Peter, had actually tricked her into it. The dirty little rat. Tears flooded her eyes and she started to sob helplessly.

“What would Sirius think?” She asked, her heart started to break. He would hate her! She turned from the window and closed the curtains. She stared at her table and took out some potion ingredients. She lay them on the table as the tears kept falling. She felt so ashamed! She read the recipe over and over. She needed it to be perfect.

By the time she had finished darkness was beginning to fall upon the muggle world. She held the potion up in the light and she opened her mouth, drinking deep. She fell onto the floor, in a deep sleep. She wanted to see what was to become of her future.

It took awhile for the future visions to start, she could see Sirius and her dating, being married, she was overcome with happiness, but the happiness wouldn’t last. The next scene caused her pain she saw Lily and James being killed, by her ‘Master’. The commotion was great and her face was filled with horror. She screamed, but nothing came. Her master turned and looked at her. His Words we’re clear,

“Bring me the babe.” Hannah tried to stop herself, but she couldn’t. She didn’t want them to live they didn’t deserve it. She hated this feeling! This feeling of hatred. And Towards her best friends from her years at Hogwarts. Was she destined to kill them? She picked up the baby and held it close to her, trying to shush the crying in fear of drawing attention of the muggle neighbors. Her master didn’t look pleased.

“Avarda Kendava,” He hissed, Hannah stared at him with fear, green light consumed them both, and she could feel herself dying. She struggled to wake up from the memories, but she couldn’t. They went on. She could see Peter staging his death in a muggle ally and she saw Sirius going to Azkaban for it. Her heart broke. Her brother was a rat; he would always be a dirty little rat! Rage consumed her as she tried to force herself out of these horrid images. Her master would kill her friends, their child, and even her! This was her future? She couldn’t let this happen.

Hannah opened her eyes to see the sun shining through her open curtains, and Sirius was standing over her.

“Oh ‘Annah!” He said, hugging her. She let out a squeak and struggled for air.

“Sirius…AIR!” She managed to choke out, he released her.

“Oh ‘Annah I’m so sorry! I was just so scared you weren’t going to pull through!” Hannah stared at him a few moments before she coughed miserably. Sirius held her to his chest in comfort. He was so warm, she felt like her body was going to melt into his. The visions that worried her so started to delete themselves from her mind, and she forgot everything. She even forgot how to breathe it seemed. Once the coughing stopped he let her go, but she didn’t want to move. He smiled knowingly and held her until the bread smelled like it was burning.

“Er ‘Anna…’Oney…the bread is burning…” Her eyes opened and he pushed away from him.

“Bread! Sirius you idiot!” She ran to the stove and opened it, the bread appeared to be in an okay condition. She looked back at Sirius and he laughed helplessly.

“You’re lucky this time Sirius Black!” She said angrily. Sirius held his ribs, still laughing. Hannah put a hand on her hip before noticing the pitcher of water on her kitchen table. She smirked and lifted it with the levitation spell; she pushed it slowly over the still laughing Sirius and jumped it on his face. A girlish shriek filled the room and he stood quickly. Hannah laughed this time.

“Aww is the puppy-wuppy afwaid of a little water?” She asked mockingly, tilting her head back and laughing harder. Sirius advanced on her, she felt his body against hers and the laughing stopped. He backed her up into the counter softly, his blue eyes locked with hers and she gulped. He moved in and her eyes closed gradually. She felt his lips press against hers gently, and his hands came up around her waist. Her own hands gripped his arms softly before moving higher and onto his shoulders. Her heart raced and her soul flew in the air around them. When he pulled away she smirked at him.

“If I would’ve known water did this to you…” she started, but he silenced her with another kiss. When he pulled back this time the two stood close together in complete silence. Neither wanted to ruin this moment. Hannah lay her head on his chest. The silence of the room didn’t bother either of them. They were happy to be in each other’s arms.