New story! Welcome to the Rhinoverse Launch

So if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I’ve been developing an interactive online serial about a girl with supernatural bad luck named Rhine Tseng.

And what better day to release that then Friday the 13th, right?

You can find the first blog post here, but if you’re not completely convinced yet, read the synopsis below. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Official Welcome to the Rhinoverse Synopsis

Rhine Tseng is the most unlucky girl in the world. Her bad luck is next level, it’s supernatural, it’s sentient. She can feel it grow and consume and want from inside of her. Which is sort of putting a damper on her plans to rule the world by the time she’s 30.

Not that she’s complaining, better her than someone else less equipped for the loneliness that comes with being the world’s biggest bad luck charm.

So far everything has worked out mostly okay for her. She’s a junior at UCLA, a genius statistician, and she’s an intern for the most prestigious company in the world, Kincaid Co.

But the other shoe is about to drop, throwing a curve ball of epic proportions. Rhine will have to race against the clock and battle an unseen enemy, a being that has always been a part of her, in order to prevent the end of the world.

I am so excited to be sharing this with all of you. This has been a few years in the making now and honestly it’s one of my favorite stories I’ve written. So please, enjoy!

Without further ado, Welcome to the Rhinoverse.


I recently changed Rhine’s character design cause it didn’t sit well with me that I have no black MCs. So instead of white European/Taiwanese, she’s black European/Taiwanese.

Look at how beautiful this art is! THANK YOU SO MUCH MICHELLE.


Introducing: Tina Bega (Wixen)

Only 5 more days until the release of Wixen: Prophecies! Meet, Tina Bega, the third eldest Bega sister who is also the most level-headed Bega sister who cooks, bakes, and always looks pissed off. You can read Wixen here.

Introducing: Monica Bega (Wixen)

Only 5 more days until the release of Wixen: Prophecies! Meet, Monica Bega, the second eldest Bega sister who lifts weights, punches people in the face, and teaches sign language to children. You can read Wixen here.

Occasionally, I do art

So I sometimes draw stuff and I feel like I never post this kind of stuff on my blog, so here goes:

A doodle of Marjorie Diaz, the protagonist of my Marjorie Diaz book series.
Rhine Tseng, my Marvel (Mary Sue) OC. That I just made.

Star Wars: Wow this is old!

Doodling mine and Erin’s characters from the Old Republic which is, of course, our new obsession. We are both Sith Inquisitors. Both of us came from the same place, both slaves and friends before the academy. Or as friendly as we could be while facing terrible conditions and being exploded by our master.

I came to the academy first, training for months under Lord Zash before she came and was given to me as my padawan. She is now my apprentice and has grown quickly through the ranks. We travel with another warrior, a cyborg named Tuneborg and his companion.

My character is the one with a face full of scars and short hair [foreground] her name is Meerit Dezrien, but she goes by Dez. And wanderingpulses’s character is in the background with the mouth scar. Her name is Zehui Azrael.