God, Do You Remember?

Do you remember the summer I prayed every day for him to love me?
You told me to wait, you were teaching me patience.

Do you remember the day I finally told him
Do you remember how crushed I was when
he told me no?
You were teaching me heartache.

Do you remember the winter where he was my everything?
How I’d imagine him on the cold nights, arms around me,
his breath, soft whispers flowing against my skin.
You were teaching me love.

Do you remember the Sunday I cried?
I can’t believe he’s leaving, moving on with his life.
I’m happy, but I feel like a part of me is going too.
You were teaching me the meaning of distance.

Do you remember the day I finally told him?
Do you remember how it was different?
How I was so scared because I…
because God, I love him.

Do you remember the nights we stayed up all night?
When we talked until 4am on the phone because…
we missed each other?
You were teaching us to love each other.

Do you remember when it was different?
When, with patience, it all fell into place?
The day he said “Yes” to forever.
You were showing me that love isn’t supposed to hurt.

I just want to say thank you
for teaching me all these lessons.

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