Doctor Who Survey

Your favourite…

1. Doctor:   10 or 13

2. Companion:   Rose or Donna or Martha or Amy

3. Season:   Idek

4. Other character appearing in 3 or more episodes:   Jack

5. Other character appearing in fewer than 3 episodes:   Jackie??

5. Villains:   The Master, Cassandra

6. Alien(s):   Daleks, Slitheen, Cat nurses

7. Episodes:   Rose, Human Nature, The Fires of Pompeii

8. Special:   10th Doctor Christmas Special

9. Season finale:   Journey’s End

10. Romance:   Ten/Rose

11. Friendship:   Donna/Ten

12. Female character:   Martha, Donna

13. Male character:   Jack

14. History episode:   The Unicorn and the Wasp

15. Soundtrack:   Season 2

16. Relative of a companion:   Martha’s mom!

17. Two-part story:   The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances

18. Character theme song:   Rose

19. Doctor’s theme:   9

20. Fan video:   I don’t look at those, actually

Which do you prefer?

21. Russel T. Davies’ or Steven Moffat’s era:   RTD

22. Scary episodes or other episodes:   Both

23. Rose with 9 or Rose with 10:   10

24. Dark or funny side of The Doctor:   Both!

25. 9’s jacket or 10’s coat:   10’s coat

26. 10’s shoes or 11’s bowtie:   10’s shoes

27. 10’s Tardis or 11’s Tardis:   11’s Tardis

28. Jack Harkness or River Song:   Jack!

29. Old or new series:   New

30. Amy or Rory:   I can’t choose! But if I had to, Rory

31. Just the companion or more people in The Tardis:   Everyone in the TARDIS please

Random section

32. Would you rather be thrown into another time by The Weeping Angels or live in a house with The Silence?:   …I mean, it’s not like I’d remember The Silence…

33. Who would you like to see as The Doctor?:   Lmao Rachel Bloom.

34. Any thoughts on Thirteen/her actor yet?:   L O V E.

35. Do you own any Doctor Who (related) merchandise?:   Nope.

36. If you had to marry a character from the series who would it be?:   Probably Martha or Jack.

37. What was the first episode you saw?:   Something with the fifth doctor in it.

38. If you could switch companions and Doctors who would you pair up?:   13 and Rose.

39. Which episode made you cry the most?:   Doomsday.

40. How did you discover the series?:   Internet.

41. If you could travel with the Doctor where would you go first?:   To the future.

42. Which character has the most style?:   Jack, obv.

43. Which character’s wardrobe would you steal?:   Bill’s.

44. Which episode made you the most confused?:   Everything from 11 on.

45. Were you more shocked by the reveal of River Song’s identity or The Face of Boe’s identity?:   The Face of Boe, yeah. River Song, no.

46. Did you fall in love with the series right away or did it take time?:   It took time.

47. Which episode is the scariest?:   Fuckin World War II kid one.

48. Which episode is the coolest?:   Probably that one where The Doctor and Amy and Rory all get stuck in that creepy Hotel.

49. Which companion’s departure was the saddest?:   Rose.

50. If you had a TARDIS would you travel more in time or in space?:   Time!

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