Short Stories: Moon Cycles

From mine and 13’s Asylum wolves werewolf-verse. 

Faizeel had never been so acutely aware of the moon before. He couldn’t stop staring at it, watching as it cycled through from full, to waning, to quarter, crescent, new. Each day he felt anticipation and excitement welling up inside of him. The closer he got to the next full moon, the more excitement he felt.

He stood by his bedroom window, leaning out into the pale moonlight where the waxing moon lit the dying grass of his uncle’s back garden. He felt exhilarated, a wave of excitement bubbling up inside of him and escaping as laughter.

On the day of the actual full moon, he felt euphoric; manic. He imagined his tan skin glittering in the sun and on more than one occasion he could have sworn his brown eyes flashed golden in the mirror. He felt stronger than he could ever remember feeling and more awake, more alert.

Faizeel had never really thought of himself as all that charming or attractive. He mostly kept to himself and he preferred to observe rather than socialize. Now he felt like he could do anything, talk to anyone. People smiled at him on the street, sometimes even blushing and looking away when he winked at them. He couldn’t remember any days ever being like this.

As the sun slipped down over the horizon, though, his alertness turned to something else. His skin felt tight, almost suffocating. His eyesight blurred and burned. The darker it got, the more visible the moon, the worse his symptoms became. He felt like he had waited an eternity for this moon, but now it was too much.

He withdrew into himself again, busying himself at work until his shift ended. It was still light outside when he walked out of the store and followed the familiar path home. He didn’t live far, a short trek through the woods. The path was illuminated by the moon, which hung fat and round in the sky. The sight of it was almost agony, the moonlight washing over him so brightly he could taste it.

He had barely stumbled into the woods, his skin on fire when he heard voices. He couldn’t make out what they were saying, but they sounded close.

He was hunched over a boulder sticking out from the ground, low groaning noises escaping his mouth. A long thick line of bloody spittle dripped from his mouth.

“The first one is always the worst.” a feminine voice said from somewhere beside him.

“It’ll be over soon,” a different voice said, she sounded louder, closer to his ear. He flinched.

Beneath his skin, his bones shifted and broke and he cried out in alarm.

“We would have been here sooner,” the first voice said, “but we had a hard time finding you, after…” He focussed on her words, trying to keep himself tethered to it. There was something about her that seemed so important.

“Also some nosy vampires we needed to evade,” the other voice said. Her tone was harsh, barking.

He had no idea what she was talking about. There was no such thing as vampires.

Fai bit his tongue to keep from screaming when his bones shifted again and he felt like he was growing. At some point he did start screaming, he thinks. Though it came out as more of a snarl, a growl, and eventually a loud eerie howl.

“Good,” the important feminine voice said, “you did good.”

Fai panted, tilting his head back and looking at the moon. He howled again, the same euphoria from earlier prickling on his skin, the fur on the back of his neck standing straight up.

This time two more howls joined his.

WIP Post Meme

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

Pick out the title that most intrigues you, or interests you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it!


I am already cringing and I haven’t even opened the folder. No screenshots cause those contain ALL the spoilers.

Y’all ready?

1. Untitled RP Princesses

2. Takeover Outline

3. Star kisses everyone (A star vs. college smutfic that’s 40 pages of gratuitous smut i had to stop writing to do NaNo)

4. Reverse Harem Bullshit

5. Nighthawks A Monster Love Novella (it’s coming in 2019, y’all)

6. Marjorie Book 2

7. Lisa you’re the best thanks

8. KND Jealousy Rewrite

9. iZombie AU

10. 40 Days of Promises

11. Blank (1)

12. Oneshots

13. The proofing edition

14. Nut Jobs

15. I am not OK

16. Ultimates

17. Outtakes

18. Book 2

19. midnight ramblings

20. vis a vis

21: gay

22. Noble

23. night time ideas

24. rewrite

25. b1

26. Things

27. is

28: scene

29. b11

30. b7

31. b3

32. Teach Them How to Say Goodbye

33. Stabbity rip stab stab

34. Some fucking gay ass shit

35. no

36. Maybe this will be smut (spoiler: it isn’t)

37. b5

38: b4

39. Only

40. Darlings

41. You’re Already Dead

42, portals

43. who the fuck is thantos and desdemona why

44. whatever this adorable thing is called

45. Vegan Vampires

46. Untitled Document

47. Untitled Document (1)

48. Untitled Document (2)

49. TIARN Book 2

50. This is a Reverse Harem Title

51. The Series: Never Lose Hope

52. The Legend of Hag Hill

53. A City of Glass & Sand

54. Summoning Demons & Other Bad First Date Ideas

55. Strange Harvest

56. Stitches

57. Something I Need

58. Silver for Werewolves

59. hm

60. Power Patter

61. Phantom Limb

62. g

63. one

64. Not One of Us

65. Nimh Has Terrible Luck With Guys

66. Naming the Twins

67. Moon Cycles

68. lol

69. lesbian tomfoolery

70. iZombie fanfiction

71. i hate u, i love u

72. Highlander bullshit

73. Futanari no Jutsu (I should have never become a fan of Naruto)

74. Frayed (holy shit this one is for Doctor Who. 11/Rose)

75. Failure

76. Dark!Rey

77. college au

78. Chilly weather, bloody sweater

79. chairs

80. Caliophe and Asher

81. Beneath the mask


83. Apple Orchard

84. WillowPJonas Fluff

85. Untitled Document (3)

86. Universes

87. Tranquil

88. Thronir and Alison Jones

89. The Secret Circle

90. Summer’s Out of Reach

91. Sisters

92. Fall in love with data

93. Only 90s Kids Will Remember This

94. Futerw

95. 12 Years a Dream

96. Sincerely, Your Agent

97. Nathaniel is my brother!

98. Wolfsong

99. When it rains

100. Power

101. Persecution

102. pain

103. Beaches

104. Doctorrose

105. sexy

106. sex

107. Rainstorm

108. abreak

109. rsundayfu

110. lolthissfile

111. whycantiwrite

112. Rosie

113. Just a Book

114. i don’t dance

115. unfabulous high school au

116. shake it up fanfiction

117. Marjorie Diaz’s Unfortunate Introduction to Ancestral Politics & Foul Play


I only picked stuff from my WIP folder that I have looked at/thought about writing for within the past year.

There are too many damn books on my Google Drive.

Every single one of these WIPs is 20+ pages.

Why am I like this.

Books: Call Me Eli

Check out this bad boy. Call Me Eli! I’m excited to be in an anthology! 

You can buy your copy here.

All the stories are fantastic! 

More about Call Me Eli:

After his father’s passing, Eli Tremont struggles to find acceptance in his hometown of Appleton, WA due to him being transgender.

His step-mother, Clarice Tremont, would rather try to erase him from existence than accept him for who he is and his step-sisters, Anastasia and Nina, follow her primitive way of thinking.

There are only a few people in Appleton that are on his side; his best friend Kelly Baum and his boss Alex Gilroy. They’re the only people who even come close to understanding what he’s going through.

When Kelly (with Alex’s help) pushes Eli to go to Seattle for an impromptu summer iteration of CosFest, a costume festival he and Kelly have been going to together for years, Eli is against it. He would rather pull out his own teeth than risk angering his step-mother. Though, when he finds out Clarice and his step-sisters will be gone for the weekend, he goes without their knowledge.

However, there’s something Kelly isn’t telling him; there’s a reason why CosFest was rescheduled. Eli discovers this when the international superstar, and his step-sisters’ favorite musician, Dustin Lightning takes the stage and the purportedly enchanted evening quickly begins to unravel.

You can buy your copy here.

Books: Marjorie Diaz Book One

Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy hunts girl for sport. In Marjorie Diaz’s book 1, nothing is safe! 

Purchase your copy here.

It’s even on #KindleUnlimited if you have it!


Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love with boy. Boy hunts girl for sport.

Marjorie Diaz has no idea who Patrick Watkins is. When he saunters into her senior seminar class during her last semester of college, the last thing she expects is to fall in love with him. 

She’s swept up into a whirlwind—and often times fairytale-esque—romance. That is, until his family kidnaps her and sends her to a place she never thought she would go again. 

Now, with the help of her best friend Lucian Maravalle, she has to run for her life, and try not to think too hard about the fact that all of the important people in her life has been keeping a dangerous secret. A secret that could cost Marjorie her life.

Book one in the Marjorie Diaz series.

Cover art by Ariel LeAnn of Cat’s Paw Media