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Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

Pick out the title that most intrigues you, or interests you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it!


I am already cringing and I haven’t even opened the folder. No screenshots cause those contain ALL the spoilers.

Y’all ready?

1. Untitled RP Princesses

2. Takeover Outline

3. Star kisses everyone (A star vs. college smutfic that’s 40 pages of gratuitous smut i had to stop writing to do NaNo)

4. Reverse Harem Bullshit

5. Nighthawks A Monster Love Novella (it’s coming in 2019, y’all)

6. Marjorie Book 2

7. Lisa you’re the best thanks

8. KND Jealousy Rewrite

9. iZombie AU

10. 40 Days of Promises

11. Blank (1)

12. Wizards Oneshots

13. Wizards on crack The proofing edition

14. Wizards and Nut Jobs

15. Wizard Crack: Violet is not OK

16. Wizard Crack: Ultimate Orgasm Potion

17. Wixen Outtakes

18. Wixen Outtakes Book 2

19. Wixen midnight ramblings

20. Wixen crack: vis a vis

21: Wixen Crack: Ultimate Gay

22. Wixen Crack: Noble

23. Wixen Crack night time ideas

24. Wixen chapter 1 script rewrite

25. Wixen Book One: Poisons, Potions, & Propositions

26. Witchy Wixen Things

27. What Love is

28: Vi and Jas sex scene

29. The Wizard Crack: Ultimate Penis Expansion

30. The Wizard Crack: Ultimate Penis Enlargement – Love Potion Version 6.25

31. The Wizard Crack: Ultimate Love Potion

32. Teach Them How to Say Goodbye

33. Stabbity rip stab stab

34. Some fucking gay ass shit

35. Prologue: Mambo no

36. Maybe this will be smut (spoiler: it isn’t)

37. Mambo No. 5

38: In which Persephone Starts a Delivery Service

39. For Wizards Only

40. Darlings

41. You’re Already Dead

42, Woggle Boggle Portals

43. who the fuck is thantos and desdemona why

44. whatever this adorable thing is called

45. Vegan Vampires

46. Untitled Document

47. Untitled Document (1)

48. Untitled Document (2)

49. TIARN Book 2

50. This is a Reverse Harem Title

51. The Series: Never Lose Hope

52. The Legend of Hag Hill

53. A City of Glass & Sand

54. Summoning Demons & Other Bad First Date Ideas

55. Strange Harvest

56. Stitches

57. Something I Need

58. Silver for Werewolves

59. ShikaNaru (A Naruto Fanfiction I never finished. It’s a follow up to my You Are My Shadow oneshot. If you like Shikamaru/Naruto and headcanon a Poly!Leaf Village when I’m ya girl)

60. Power Patter

61. Phantom Limb

62. Orion/Artemis Virgin Goddess No more (this never became smut. Turned out it was a death scene. I got really sad.)

63. one

64. Not One of Us

65. Nimh Has Terrible Luck With Guys

66. Naming the Twins

67. Moon Cycles

68. lol

69. lesbian tomfoolery

70. iZombie fanfiction

71. i hate u, i love u

72. Highlander bullshit

73. Futanari no Jutsu (I should have never become a fan of Naruto)

74. Frayed (holy shit this one is for Doctor Who. 11/Rose)

75. Failure

76. Dark!Rey

77. college au

78. Chilly weather, bloody sweater

79. chairs

80. Caliophe and Asher

81. Beneath the mask


83. Apple Orchard

84. WillowPJonas Fluff

85. Untitled Document (3)

86. Universes

87. Tranquil

88. Thronir and Alison Jones

89. The Secret Circle

90. Summer’s Out of Reach

91. Sisters

92. Fall in love with data

93. Only 90s Kids Will Remember This

94. Futerw

95. 12 Years a Dream

96. Sincerely, Your Agent

97. Nathaniel is my brother!

98. Wolfsong

99. When it rains

100. Power

101. Persecution

102. pain

103. Beaches

104. Doctorrose

105. sexy

106. sex

107. Rainstorm

108. abreak

109. rsundayfu

110. lolthissfile

111. whycantiwrite

112. Rosie

113. Just a Book

114. i don’t dance

115. unfabulous high school au

116. shake it up fanfiction

117. Marjorie Diaz’s Unfortunate Introduction to Ancestral Politics & Foul Play


I only picked stuff from my WIP folder (With the exception of Wixen, Nighthawks, and Marjorie which all live in “Soon to be Published works”) that I have looked at/thought about writing for within the past year.

There are too many damn books on my Google Drive.

Every single one of these WIPs is 20+ pages.

Why am I like this.

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