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I was tagged by Lisa Stapleton to write these three things:

1. Where are you at in your writing journey?

I have a novella and a full-length novel published, and a published anthology piece! I have three more books I’m working on that are done and just need edits. Plus, the new Marjorie Diaz book should come out sometime earlier 2019.


2. What advice would you give to young writers?   

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t write every day or if you can only write 100 or 500 words a day at first.

Eventually, you’re going to sit down at your computer and be able to write without thinking about it. And eventually, the more you do it, you’ll be able to crank out 1,000 or 10,000 a day!

But it is not without hard work. Writing sometimes feels like a chore or like pulling teeth and you will be stressed out and upset and angry A LOT. But it is so rewarding to put your story out into the world at the end of all that anger and resentment.


3. Things you need daily in order to function as a writer: 

-a snack
-video game break
-my cats

That’s 4 things, but I think I’ve earned them.

2 thoughts on “Tagged: My Writing Journey

    1. Thank you! I was excited for this one. Marjorie is my favorite series I’ve published so far.

      To answer your question, though: When I wrote this blog I was still working full time as a content writer in San Francisco, but since my company recently downsized (moved creative offshore to save money) I’ve been pushed into doing writing full time.

      I have worked a lot of really small start ups that don’t offer much stability in the ways of keeping a job for more than a year. The company could go under or they could decide they don’t need a writer and focus more on design. So I find myself being pushed out a lot.

      So, this time I saved up a lot of my money. My wonderful partner supported me through not spending too much and keeping my budget tight. So now I can HOPEFULLY try out writing full time for a year.

      It’s been 2 weeks so far. I have no idea if I’m doing anything right. So I guess stay tuned for my blogs about that? Haha <3

      Thank you for asking! Sorry about the novel I wrote!

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